• Incredible Space to Elevate Craft

    "Wave So Groovy has created a unified voice for and representation of the disc dyeing (and by extension, disc golf) community. For me personally, y'all created an incredible space to elevate my craft, connect with some of the other amazing disc dyeing artists, and gain exposure for the art I love to create."

  • Excellent Platform for Dyers and Fans

    "I've done a couple of giveaways and done some tournaments sponsored by Wave So Groovy. It's always a pleasure working with them and the events are always so well organized! Waves has always been about growing the sport and has done an excellent job creating a platform for dyers to share their work and get to know each other! Whether you're a dyer looking to grow your brand or a fan of dyed discs I couldn't recommend Waves enough!"
    -Happy Tree Dyes

  • Fun and Competitive Challenges

    "Wave So Groovy has been a long time supporter of mine, so I was more than happy to participate in the Slick and Slimy Dye Tournament when he asked! He organized a fun and competitive challenge for us dyers, along with a more than entertaining group chat!! I couldn't be more appreciative of his support and opportunities in this community and hope to continue our friendship with other fun projects and giveaways!"

  • Community and Inspiration

    "My name is Erich Kegel, and I operate a dye setup called Sun Chaser Disc Dyes. I've had the pleasure of participating in a couple of disc dye showcase tournaments put on by Jordan Paxson at Wave So Groovy Disc Golf. My experience has been overwhelmingly positive - the group of über-talented participants in both events has been an honor and a joy to be a part of, our group chat has inspired me to push my own boundaries as an artist, and has often been a high point in my day to be a part of. Jordan and Wave have been a gracious and honorable event host as well - some money has been at stake in the form of a raffle, and all transactions have been transparent and fair. They've taken a lot of their own time to put on these events, and have helped drive valuable exposure to this niche community of disc golf artists, which has been greatly appreciated. If you have the chance to take part in an event put together by Jordan and WSG, do not hesitate - your phone may blow up at odd times due to the lively group chat but you'll leave having had an unqualified positive experience!"

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